Alternative to NPrinting – What makes Qalyptus different?

%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus

Compare Qalyptus to other Reporting solutions like NPrinting; the difference is clear. Qalyptus is the leading modern Reporting platform that allows everyone in your organization to create reports from Qlik Sense and QlikView.

You can create reports with NPrinting or Qalyptus, but the greatest difference is how you create and distribute the reports. With Qalyptus, the end goal is to create a report and distribute it using your organization’s distribution channels.

Easily create your templates

Qalyptus allows you to easily identify the objects (Sheets, tables, graphs, variables …) of your Qlik Sense or QlikView applications. The objects are grouped by a sheet and displayed with an icon corresponding to their type to facilitate their use.

The “Preview” feature considers any selections made in your Qlik Sense or QlikView application to preview your report effectively.

All this allows you to focus on the design of your model in a powerful and easy-to-use interface.

%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus

You first!

Qalyptus is created for Qlik Sense and QlikView users to meet their reporting needs best.

All our choices are based only on your needs. We offer you very interesting features that NPrinting will not offer because the business model of Qlik Sense and QlikView constrains it.

With Qalyptus and Qlik Sense, your users can subscribe to Qlik Sense sheets or applications and receive them in their inboxes. Your users can also create on-demand reports from Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android).

%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus

Simple and integrated administration

Qalyptus is created for users but also administrators. All Qalyptus administration and configuration features are integrated and do not require the use of external programs. You will do everything with the UI interface on Qalyptus.

Schedule your backups and make your restorations in on click. Installation of Qlik Sense certificates is integrated into the Qalyptus installation process. You can change the port of your Qalyptus Server at any time.

%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus

We are convinced that to choose a Reporting solution, you have to test it in your environment with your own data. You can download all our tools and try them for free before making your decision.


%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus