Hire and Retain Qlik Sense or QlikView developer

The demand for Qlik Sense Developer or QlikView Developer has gone up in recent times. This has afforded Qlik Developers a few options from which they can choose. If you want to hire and retain good Qlik Developer you need to develop a sound strategy to attract and hold their interest in your organization.

The truth is that there is a high demand for Qlik Sense and QlikView developers, but also there are a lot of developers as well. In addition, the quality of these developers varies from mediocre to legendary. Here are some factors to consider when trying to attract, hire, and retain Qlik Sense and QlikView Developer.

The first thing to take into consideration is the length of experience of the developer. The more experienced, the better. Also, you need to take into consideration the extent of formal training your prospective developer has had. However, If you find their work outstanding, this consideration can be taken as a mere suggestion.

Nationality ##

Nationality is another factor to consider for an obvious reason: proximity. The truth is: your  Qlik Sense and QlikView Developers’ location dictates a great deal of the logistics involved in retaining them. It also determines the terms of your engagement, whether freelance or contractual.

Career Satisfaction

Another thing to consider is the incentive(s) your organization offers its employers. If you can make your Qlik developers happy employees, they will be happy to maintain a long term relationship with your organization.

Job search

Due to such a high demand for Qlik developers, most of them are not actively searching for a job. Chances are: a great deal of really good developers are happy where they are.

This is why you need to extend your reach while trying to recruit Qlik developers. You can do this by creating a referral program, being active in networking events and organizing your career site.

Work Environment

The work environment contributes immensely to the quality of the work done. This is why you need to consider creating a friendly work environment that best suits your developers.

Benefits and compensation

Compensation and benefits are the motivational factors that attract an employee to any job. The universal truth for hiring is that wages are the reward for labor. Hence, the primary motivation for Any employee, contractor, freelancer or generally any professional providing a service is the benefits and compensation.

An attractive compensation package keeps Qlik developers happy and motivated to give the best service they can render. 

All in all, in order to attract, hire and keep the best  Qlik Sense and QlikView Developer. Your organization needs to be conscious of their motivational factors as well as career goals.