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The question comes up very often, NPrinting is not compatible with Vizlib, does Qalyptus allow the export of Vizlib charts and tables?

We have anticipated this question for a long time; because we know that Qlik Sense is an open platform and that the native Qlik Sense objects (graphs, tables, maps,… etc) will not be the only ones to be used to create advanced analyzes.

We have made it so that Qalyptus can support all third-party extensions, including Vizlib extensions, as long as they are developed according to best practices.

What is Vizlib?

Vizlib is a family of value-added product extensions for Qlik Sense with a wide range of graphics offering advanced functionality out of the box.

Vizlib uses Qlik Sense APIs to create extensions and services not natively provided by Qlik Sense. It can be the same type of objects as those offered by Qlik Sene but with more advanced options (Example: Qlik Sense offers a KPI object, Vizlib also offers a KPI object with more customization possibilities). They may also be new types of objects not offered by Qlik Sense, like the Gantt chart.

Vizlib offers its extensions in two modes: Online and Offline.

Online mode is standard mode. Using Vizlib extensions requires internet access to work. Without internet, the extensions do not work.

The offline mode allows the use of extensions locally without requiring the internet. This mode is only available in the Enterprise version of Vizlib.

Qalyptus is 100% compatible with Vizlib

As I said before, Qalyptus is designed to allow you to create reports with both native and not native Qlik Sense objects (third-party extensions).

Qalyptus is 100% compatible with all extensions of Vizlib and with the two modes: Online and Offline.

With Qalyptus you can create reports in different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Word, .. etc. using Vizlib objects. Objects can be used in Qalyptus as an image (Screenshot) or as data.

Since Qalyptus supports Master Items, you have the option of using items from the Vizlib Container to create a report.

A picture wants more than 1000 words and a video wants more than 10,000 words 😉

Here is a sample report creation with Qalyptus using Vizlib extensions.

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%Qlik Sense Reporting Tool & Alternative to NPrinting%Qalyptus