Qalyptus On-Demand extension | SAML authentication

Qalyptus On-Demand allows generating custom reports on the fly from your Qlik Sense apps. Reports can be generated in different formats: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, ..etc. When a user makes selections, they are taken into account, and the variables are re-evaluated.

A user must authenticate to access the reports to which he is entitled. Authentication can be done using Windows authentication, Qalyptus credentials (email and password), and SAML 2.0.

Qalyptus On-Demand with SAML authentication in action

Configure Identity Providers

Qalyptus supports all Identity Providers (Okta, Auth0, Azure AD, Ping Identity, ….), and you can configure multiple Identity Providers simultaneously.

An Identity Provider must be added to an organization. By default, there is one organization in Qalyptus; you can create new organizations to separate content (Projects, reports, tasks, Qlik Sense Apps, resources, …), users, and authentication methods.

You can imagine different scenarios when you need to have several organizations.

  • You are Qlik OEM or MSP (Managed Service Provider) Partner. Separate your customer’s content and users and use your IDP for authentication and apply your brand (colors and logo).
  • When you manage apps and reports for Employees and Customers. Create two organizations; separate the content, the members, the authentication method (Example: Auth0 for employees and Okta for customers)
  • When you have different subsidiaries, create an organization for each subsidiary; separate members, the content, and the theme (each subsidiary with his logo and colors). When a user of subsidiary A creates a task, he only can use the reports and the recipients in subsidiary A.
  • You can imagine many other scenarios depending on your industry and the needs of your business.


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