For teams of all sizes

Qalyptus Desktop

per user/month
billed annually
* User that needs to design template reports.

Qalyptus Server Business

per server/month
251 users
billed annually

Qalyptus Server Enterprise

per server/month
unlimited users
billed annually

Qalyptus Server Ultimate

per server/month
unlimited users
billed annually
  • Connections with QlikView Desktop and QlikView Server
  • Connections with Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML templates
  • Reports with different standard formats: Xlsx, Docx, Pptx, Pdf, Html, …
  • Reporting in Iteration (with one or more fields)
  • Filters using fields and variables
  • Monitoring of all project entities
  • Publishing projects on Qalyptus Server
  • Updates
  • Email support
  • Import projects created with Qalyptus Desktop
  • Up to 251 users
  • Schedule report generation
  • Distribute reports in folders (static or dynamic path)
  • Distribute reports by email
  • Distribute reports to the portal Qalyptus Hub
  • Advanced distribution and security of iteration reports
  • On-demand generation of reports from Qlik Sense (using Qalyptus On-Demand)
  • Subscribe to a Qlik Sense Sheet or App (using Qalyptus Notify)
  • Create users and groups
  • Import users from Excel
  • Advanced management of permissions
  • Backup and restoration of the site
  • Synchronize Qlik Sense apps with Qalyptus Hub
  • Organize Qlik Sense apps in folders and sub-folders
  • Show links to your resources in Qalyptus Hub
  • Updates
  • Support via email and our support platform
  • Everything in Qalyptus Server Business
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Import users and groups from Active Directory
  • Import users and groups from Office 365 and Azure AD
  • JWT Authentication and Windows Authentication
  • Save reports on FTP server
  • Save reports on OneDrive (Coming soon!)
  • Save reports on Google Drive (Coming soon!)
  • Save up reports on Dropbox (Coming soon!)
  • Everything in Qalyptus Server Enterprise
  • SSO authentication with SAML
  • Organizations (separate content and users)
  • Design customization (colors and logo)

Qlik Sense Extensions

Qalyptus Self-Reporting

  • Generate reports on the fly
  • Create subscriptions with the following options
  • Add unlimited reports
  • Add filters to the reports (selections or bookmarks)
  • Customize the email message
  • Embed reports in the email message
  • Add unlimited recipients
  • Add the execution frequency
  • Three authentication methods (Windows, email/password, SSO/SAML)
  • Advanced security rules
  • Compatible with all editions of Qalyptus Server

Qalyptus On-Demand

  • Generate reports on the fly
  • Three authentication methods (Windows, email/password, SSO/SAML)
  • Compatible to generate reports from ODAG apps
  • Advanced security rules
  • Compatible with all editions of Qalyptus Server

Included in all editions of Qalyptus Server

Qalyptus Notify

  • Subscribe to a Qlik Sense® Sheet or App
  • Receive what you need when you want
  • Manage all your subscriptions in one place
  • 100% Free Extension

Why organizations choose Qalyptus

Options for everyone

From small businesses to large organizations, Qalyptus helps create reports tailored to all organization members’ needs.


Complete platform with no hidden costs

We deliver a complete Qlik reporting experience. No hidden costs or additional products are required. Understand the price you pay upfront, with no surprises.

Easy to start and scale

Qalyptus reduces the cost to deploy and gives you the flexibility to buy what you need when you need it.

Only users who need to design report templates should have a dedicated Qalyptus Desktop license. All your other users can access the various reports generated by Qalyptus without a license.

We work for you

We offer you the best customer service. It is not us who say it; it is our customers. See customer reviews on

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Qalyptus subscription?

A subscription gives you access to Qalyptus over a set period. Subscription lowers the upfront investment of deploying your Reporting software and access greater flexibility to scale at your own pace.

Can I subscribe for several years?

By default, our subscriptions are annual. Nevertheless, it is possible to subscribe to Qalyptus over several years. Just contact us to tell us the number of years.

Can I try Qalyptus for free?

Of course! You can download and install a fully functional copy of Qalytus on your machine for 30 days for free. Download Qalyptus to get started.

If you love it (and we think you will), you can continue using Qalyptus by simply updating your existing instance with a purchased license key. Qalyptus licenses can be purchased online.

What is a Qalyptus user?

A Qalyptus user is any user that can log in to the Windows session. A Qalyptus license is linked to one Windows username.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express – we also accept bank transfers.

What is included with my license purchase?

We believe the Qalyptus licensing scheme is simple, upfront, and equitable.

Qalyptus offered an annual term license that includes updates and support as long as your term license is active. The expiry date is calculated from the date of purchase.

Still, have more questions?

Check out our complete Qalyptus Pricing FAQ.


Qalyptus SaaS available in Q1 2022

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